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Featured Recipies for February


Chef Deano's Best Simple Lobster Tail


I prefer to use South African Lobster tail (when available) as it is by far the best, however it is also the most expensive -  $25.00-$30.00/pound.  Canadian or Maine Lobster tails are perfectly acceptable at 1/2 the price.




2 - 6 ounce Lobster tails
4 ounces unsalted butter
Fresh lemon



This is a simple recipe but can be a little tricky to prep the tail.
1.  Using a towel, gently squeeze the bottom of the lobster tail until you hear a "crack" - you are releasing the bottom of the lobster and allowing the shell to naturally bend without breaking.
2.  Pull tail section (thin end) apart like a fan and with both thumbs, press down at the edges - this locks the tail end apart like a fan for presentation.
3.  Using a French knife, cut horizontal 1-inch across tail at fan end being careful not to cut thru shell.  With a knife or a pair of good scissors, cut thru the shell dead center down the length of tail to the horizontal cut. This sounds more complicated than it is, promise.
4.  Use your fingers and hands to gently pull the lobster tail out of the sides of the shell but keep attached to the base.  Pull out and over that horizontal cut. Lobster should be perfectly resting on top of shell.
5.  Use a knife and cut dead center down tail, it will beautifully unfold and lay on top of shell.  Make sure you only cut a little bit and not all the way through.
6.  Brush with melted butter, squeeze of fresh lemon and dash of paprika.
7.  Bake at 350° until translucency is gone; minimum 12-15 minutes.



Chef Deano's Oyster Rockefeller


Purchase 18-24 oysters on ½ shell.  Fresh oysters are preferable.  Crack and clean carefully separating from bottom of shell.  You can also buy pints of oysters and bake in another vessel with the Rockefeller stuffing.

Ingredients for Oyster Rockefeller Stuffing:

1lb. Apple bacon, rendered and diced
1 tsp minced shallots
1 oz. Pernod
8 oz. heavy cream
1lb. spinach

2 ounces Parmesan cheese (best quality, fine grind)
½ tsp kosher salt

¼ tsp fresh black pepper


It’s very important that this recipe is followed closely to ensure success!

1. Wash and remove stems from spinach.  Place in large stockpot with 4 oz. water.  Slowly steam until spinach collapses from moisture.  Immediately remove spinach, place into china cap and push ALL moisture out thru china cap. If you do not have a china cap, use a thin towel to ring out moisture.  Reserve for later incorporation into wet mixture

2.   In sauté pan, brown diced bacon.  Drain out oil and return to pan, add shallots and caramelize for 2 minutes.  Remove pan from flame and deglaze with Pernod liquor, return to stove and flame off alcohol.  Add heavy cream and Parmesan to pan.  Reduce as you would Alfredo sauce until thickens. Season and turn off heat.

3.  In large bowl, combine spinach and cream mixture mixing thoroughly.  Allow cooling.  


4.  Top oysters with Rockefeller mixture.

This dish is traditionally served with sauce hollandaise which is a tricky sauce to master, however a quick alternative is to just sprinkle some finely grated Parmesan reggiano on top of oysters, bake and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

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